Saturday, May 30, 2009

Allow Love to Live You

Sometimes we believe that giving everything we know, everything we have, everything we are, to That, we will lose everything. Surrendering our lives to Love is truly one of the most scary and yet, most beautiful things we can experience. What if, in this moment, we offered our lives to this; to what gave us life, to what has been living our lives this whole lifetime, to what has found us Here? It is an opportunity, a rare and significant one. One that may not occur again for thousands of cycles of time.

As we surrender, it may feel as if we are jumping off a cliff, dropping into the depths of the ocean, falling from the highest point in the sky. How will we land? Who will be there when we arrive? It is a mystery which cannot be known and must be done alone. We may feel the most fear we have ever felt. And yet, it is worth the fear we feel. The fear drowns in This, as we see that we are held, we are caught, we are guided in Silence. We realize that we are not separate from this Silence and we rest in it as who we are. We realize this Love that we are is trustworthy. We drown in the Love and it lives us more perfectly, more fully, because we are not resisting it. The battle has ended. All that is left to do is be open, to wait and see where we are lead and where we are used. Life is sacred and pure. All things that occur are leading us into the deepest depths of Being. Enjoy the journey, the journey nowhere, and yet, always Here. It will continue to show us our own Self, in infinite ways, in Love.

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