Monday, March 30, 2009

You Have Arrived

There are many great dialogues between Ramana Maharshi and his devotees. This one, which is a dialog between Ramana and Papaji, highlights the use of meditation and the natural falling away of practices along the path of realization.

At one point, after meeting Ramana, Papaji could no longer chant the name of God, a practice he had been doing daily for many years. In the book, Nothing Ever Happened, by David Godman, he writes, " When I tried to resume my chanting, I found that I could not repeat the name of Krishna anymore. Somehow my mind refused to cooperate. For a quarter of a century the divine name had been flowing effortlessly through my mind; now I can't even utter it once. "

Papaji asked quite a few teachers about this. He was told that he needed to continue to try and that he was going through a phase, and needed to get through it. He wasn't satisfied with these answers, so during his next visit to see Ramana, he asked to speak to him privately about this matter.

He sat with Ramana and told him his predicament and asked "What has happened to me and what should I do?" Ramana responded by asking "How did you come here from Madras?" Papaji responded, not sure why he was being asked about this, that he had taken the train and a bollock cart. Ramana then asked "Where is the cart and train now?" Papaji replied that the cart had presumably returned to the station and the train was heading to another destination.

Ramana then explained his questioning. He said "The train brought you to your destination. You got off of it because you didn't need it anymore. You yourself did not give up your practices; they left you of their own accord because they had served their purpose. You have arrived. '

In that moment, Papaji became aware of the Self and realized that yes, there is no where to go and nothing to do to be who one is. He was home, Home Itself.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life Itself is a Pointer

Self Realization is an all consuming experience. It is occurring with each breath, and in each moment. We often believe that we need to attend satsang and retreats with a realized teacher, read books, listen to recordings, watch videos and meditate in order to deepen into the truth of one's being. These resources are all very helpful on the journey, yet, on a daily basis, we are being asked to surrender in countless ways. These small surrenders seem insignificant, yet they are profound. Instead of looking into the future for the next satsang with a teacher, simply notice, right now, what is calling you. What are you being asked to acknowledge? Is there resistance appearing? Is there a need to control a situation? Is there unmet pain, such as fear, sadness or anger? Are you holding back love somewhere, even with yourself? Right now, are you willing to let go?

Life is the true teacher, life as you. There is no need to look to the apparent outside for the next moment of deepening. Simply use this moment, whatever is here, as an opportunity to surrender. In this portal of time, allow what is arising here, and then see. Sometimes allowing may mean we change our perspective on the situation and it naturally shifts. Other times we may make a choice to actively change the situation, yet the decision is not based on fear. It comes from a place of peace and knowing. The more we trust this, the more we can live from here with each breath. We know we are being guided by our true nature.

Our daily experiences are pointers, calling us to rest in who we are and to trust That. When we surrender to being held in the arms of Oneself, life transforms into a mysterious play. It engages us in unknown ways, asking us to let go again and again. Eventually, we realize there is no end to the opportunity to surrender and no one here to resist it. In this life, this play, there are simply innumerable doors opening to be even more quiet, more still and to dissolve more into Love, as our Self.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Om Shanti

Let there be peace and love
among all beings of the universe.
Let there be peace, let there be peace.
Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.