Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Seer

At one of Gangaji's silent retreats in California a few years ago, Gangaji picked up a letter and read it quietly for a few moments. She then looked up to find the author of the letter and when she located her, she said in a somewhat annoyed voice, "Linda, I do see you." She then continued speaking to Linda, and addressed all of us in the room. She said, "The real question is, are you seeing?"

We are often so concerned with being seen by the world, but it's really the opposite of that. It is really when we see that is the opening. Many attempts are made in life to be seen and to be heard. The ego tries to accomplish this through our actions, through our work and through our relationships. If we really look at what we want, at the very core, being seen is often one of the most basic of desires. When we pause for a moment and notice this, there is a profound opportunity to stop and to open. This opening can allow us to notice that we are being seen right now, because we are the Seer.

Since we are the Seer, we are seeing and being seen, both being accomplished at the same time, in this very moment. All polarity vanishes in the realization that there truly is only Oneself. Nothing is needed because it is complete by one's own existence, by one's very nature. As we let this knowledge in and as we notice oneself as the Seer, we are naturally seeing all as Self. Nothing else is required. It is now simply a matter of, in each moment, seeing the world through the perspective of the Seer's eyes, the eyes that rest in You. The world is a rich, beautiful and intricate mirror for the Seer to see Itself everywhere, in all things and in all ways.

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